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We are a multinational team of regulatory experts in the field of plant protection and biocides providing full regulatory support for the registration of substances and products of biological origin or chemical synthesis across all Europe and in the US. 


In 2018 our regulatory team was founded by Dr. Rüdiger Hauschild, involved in the regulation of biocontrol products since 2005 and actively participating in the lawmaking processes for biocontrol actives and products, and by Dr. Götz Neurath, a Eurotox Registered Toxicologist with more than 20 years of experience in the assessment of biopesticides and agrochemicals. As such APIS can offer a unique combination of scientific and regulatory know-how, being a leading research, development and regulatory consultancy. Since 2018 APIS opened three European offices located in Germany, Spain and The Netherlands– employing some of the world’s leading experts in the registration of biopesticides


We work in a close relationship with our Clients to be able to respond to their needs. Timely and efficient communication is our priority. As dedicated scientists highly experienced in the registration process, we can advise our Clients from the initial steps of active substance and product development. Our mission is to provide tailored, scientifically sound, time- and cost-effective solutions.


APIS is a full-service company that can take control of your registration project. With proven relationships at every level, you can rely on APIS to deliver your project with minimal input. Our expertise covers all data requirements for active substances and plant protection products guaranteed by a team of agronomists, chemists and biologists, specialized in biological properties, physical-chemical properties, toxicology, ecology and eco-toxicology, residues, environmental fate and efficacy. As a team we work to provide you time- and cost-effective solutions starting from development and leading to approval and registration of your products. Timely and efficient communication is our priority. Working in close interaction with our Clients and among our experts is a warrant for your success.

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